Differential Geometry III — Lorentzian Geometry

Prof. Bernd Ammann, Office no. 119

Black Hole

This picture arose from computer calculations using basic properties of Lorentzian manifolds. It represents a black hole.
The image was obtained from the web page linked here
Picture created by Alain Riazuelo, IAP/UPMC/CNRS under the license CC-BY-SA 3.0.


In this lecture we want to deepen our knowledge about semi-Riemannian and in particular Lorentzian manifolds. The precise content will be fixed a bit later, but it is likely to be a choice out of the following:


Analysis I-IV, Lineare Algebra I+II, differential geometry I. Helpful is the lecture differential geometry II, but as the topics are pretty disjoint, the gaps could be compensated by reading some literature.

Time and Location

Monday and Wednesday 8.15-10.00
Monday 8.15-10.00 in M102 and Wednesday 8-15-10.00 in M101
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Lecture Notes

Partial lecture Notes are available here. Please assume that they will not be continued. In parts of the lecture I use excerpts from the the Ammann-Bär lecture about the Yamabe problem (German language)

Exercise Sheets

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