Seminar on semiclassical analysis

Prof. Bernd Ammann

Content of the Seminar

In this seminar we discuss chosen chapters of the book on semiclassical analysis by Zworski, cited below. In the winter term we did some preparatory steps, see here for program of last semester. In this seminar we will treat more central parts of this book. More details may be obtained from the program of the seminar.


Main source

Time and Place

Tuesday, 14:15-16:00 in M009

Organisational meeting

Tuesday, Feb 14, 10.15 in M103, after Matthias' talk (= last talk of the winter term seminar)


The program of the seminar.


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Formal requirements

For ECTS attributed by the math department: see KVV (math)
Bernd Ammann, 30.06.2023
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