Seminar on semiclassical analysis

(In some university announcements, the seminar is called "Seminar on Geometric Analysis")
Prof. Bernd Ammann

Content of the Seminar

The goal of this seminar was to understand some effects within semiclassics, following the book by Zworski. However, it turned out, that it would was wiser to work at some foundations (symplectic geometry and pseudodifferential operators) first. We followed this program during the seminar. The main part of the seminar was postponed to the summer term.

Time and Place

Tuesday, 14:15-16:00 in Ph 7.1.21


The program of the seminar.

Organisational meeting

Monday, Oct 31, 16.15 in M102.


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Formal requirements

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Bernd Ammann, 18.03.2023
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