Low-dimensional surgery and the Yamabe invariant
Bernd Ammann, Mattias Dahl, Emmanuel Humbert

Low-dimensional surgery and the Yamabe invariant .pdf)
J. Math. Soc. Japan 67, 159-182 (2015)


Assume that M is a compact n-dimensional manifold and that N is obtained by surgery along a k-dimensional sphere, k≤n-3. The smooth Yamabe invariants σ(M) and σ(N) satisfy σ(N)≥ min (σ(M),Λ) for Λ>0. We derive explicit lower bounds for Λ in dimensions where previous methods failed, namely for (n,k)∈{(4,1),(5,1),(5,2),(6,3),(9,1),(10,1)}. With methods from surgery theory and bordism theory several gap phenomena for smooth Yamabe invariants can be deduced.

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The Paper was written on 4.4.2012
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