Seminar on Schrödinger operators

Prof. Bernd Ammann, Prof. Gunnar Bali

Content of the Seminar

In this seminar we want to study the Schrödinger operator -Δ+V(x) as a densely defined differential operator from L2(ℝ3) to L2(ℝ3), mainly concerned with the Coulomb potential V(x)=-c/||x||. We are also interested in generalizations and in connections to representation theory. In particular, this leads to a good understanding of the orbital model in physics and chemistry.

In order to study this subject we have to start with foundations in functional analysis, with a focus on the aspects needed for Schrödinger operators. We will discuss self-adjoint extensions, discrete and essential spectra, the characterization of the essential spectrum in terms of Weyl sequences. As the potential is unbounded, eigenfunctions are in general not smooth. We show that eigenfunctions are bounded, and discuss their (higher) differentiability. Generalisations we have in mind are the multi-electron Schrödinger equations and Dirac operators with Coulomb type potentials. The seminar will mainly follow the book by Teschl cited below, with some additional talks at the end.


Main source Other literature Further references are given in the program.

Time and Place

Monday, 8:15-10.00 in M103

Organisational meeting

Wednesday, July 27, 16:15, in PHY 4.1.12 (Physics department) It will be possible to follow via zoom.


The preliminary program of the seminar.


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Bernd Ammann, 17.02.2023
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