Seminar on Wave equations on Lorentzian manifolds and Quantization

Prof. Bernd Ammann,


On May 5th we will visit together the opening of the exhibition at the math department

Content of the Seminar

The main concern of the seminar is to solve geometrically motivated hyperbolic partial differential equations on curved backgrounds. The simplest example is the wave equation on (flat) ℝn whose solution will be the starting point of the seminar. These solutions can be used to iteratively construct solutions on curved spacetimes, i.e. Lorentzian manifolds. As soon as we have solved these equations, we will construct natural C*-algebras to a given space-time which is a key step in the quantization of fields in physics, although the seminar is purely of a mathematical nature. We follow a book by Bär, Ginoux and Pfäffle which is self-contained to a very large degree and didactically very efficient. More information may be found in the program of the seminar.



The seminar addresses, in particular, to students who have followed my lecture about differential geometry II in the summer term 2021. Students with knowledge of differential geometry I might follow as well, if they are willing to read a bit of additional literature.


Helpful (can also be learnt within the seminar)

Time and Place

Thursday, 14.15 to 16.00 in M009

Organisational meeting

Monday, Feb 7th, 2022 at 16.15 in M009.
Access via zoom, using the zoom access data of the "Seminar über Abschlussarbeiten und Arbeitsgruppen-Seminar" of Bernd Ammann available here or on the GRIPS page of the seminar.


The program of the seminar.


Come to the organisational meeting -- dates given soon.
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