Seminar: Ricci flow

Prof. Bernd Ammann, Zimmer 119

Time and Place

Friday 8:30-10.00 in M102
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Content of the Seminar

We will study the Ricci flow. In the first part of the seminar, we concentrate on the Ricci flow on surfaces. The goal is to prove that the Ricci flow yields a proof of the uniformization theorem for compact Riemann surfaces. In the second part we will consider the flow in arbitrary dimensions. The precise content of the second part will depend on the interests of the audience. Possible subjects are: the sphere theorem by Brendle and Schoen, or some central ideas for the geometrization of 3-manifolds. The seminar will probably continue in the summer term.


The program of the seminar is here as pdf-file.

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For a list of the literature directly related to the seminar, please have a look at the program above.

Further literature

Wikipedia-Page to the Ricci flow.

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