Seminar: Positive scalar curvature

Prof. Bernd Ammann, Prof. Ulrich Bunke

Content of the Seminar

In the first part of the seminar we prove a theorem by Galatius, Madsen, Tillmann and Weiss which constructs a homotopy equivalence from the classifying space of a bordism category to the infinite loop space of a Thom spectrum. In further parts of the seminar -- whose exact content will be fixed during the seminar -- we then discuss work by Galatius, Randal-Williams, Ebert and Botvinnik which leads to the detection of many non-trivial homotopy groups in the space of positive scalar curvature metrics on a given compact manifold.

Time and Place

Monday, 14-16, M102
For the precise schedule including names of the speakers, see the internal pages of the seminar (Password restricted).


Here is the program (preliminary version).

Handouts and similar

Here is some material provided by the speakers such as handouts.


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