Blockseminar: Surgery

Bernd Ammann, Univ. Regensburg
Diarmuid Crowley, MPI Bonn
Sebastian Goette, Univ. Freiburg



You will find the short program here. The detailed program can be obtained here. The associated Wiki-Page on the Manifold Atlas Server is here. The page with exercises on the Wiki is here.


A rough schedule is now available in the short program.


See the program. Helpful might also be:

Accomodation, travel etc

The seminar takes place at the Atrium of Kastell Windsor.


March 25, 2012. Sunday evening (first possible meal is dinner)

There is a transfer bus provided by the GK. The bus company is called Sammüller. The participants from Regensburg who want to take this bus meet on Sunday at 17:00 at the math department. We will then load the whiteboards and all needed equipment. The bus will then go to the main station. Participants arriving by train should plan to arrive no later than with the ICE 29 (coming from Frankfurt and Nürnberg and scheduled to arrive at 17:25 in Regensburg. Exit the train station at the Northern exit and then turn left. The bus should wait close to the large parking lot for bikes.


March 30, 2012. Friday afternoon. Around 3 pm
Recommended train to Freiburg: ICE 90, Depart. at Regensburg HBf 16:29. Change at Nürnberg and Karlsruhe.

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